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Life can present many hurdles and challenges.  Usually you can work through problems yourself or with the support of family and friends.  But sometimes you may need the assistance of someone with special skills, training and experience; professional that you can trust.  That's when you may want to speak with a clinical psychologist.

Clinical psychologists see a variety of people for all sorts of reasons including anxiety, depression, loneliness, marital and family problems, illness or injury, loss of a loved one, addictions, behavioural problems, trauma and unresolved anger, disturbances in eating and sleeping, sexual issues, difficulties at work, children's educational problems, psychological aspects of medical illnesses and a range of other mental health issues.  Psychologists also assist during crises, natural disasters and other major life events.

Whatever your problems are, a clinical psychologist is someone that you can rely on.  Together, in a confidential an supportive atmosphere, you and your psychologist will work together to understand and resolve problems - problems, that until now, may have resisted your best efforts.

At Northwest Psychological Services we have professionals with appropriate qualifications, training and experience to help you.


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